ELEMENTIsle Ammonite Drop Earrings


ELEMENTIsle Ammonite Drop Earrings

Beautifully crafted by ELEMENTIsle, cast in Sterling Silver

Delivered in an ELEMENTIsle box

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ELEMENTIsle Ammonite Drop Earrings

These earrings have been cast from Pyrite Ammonites, found in Charmouth in Dorset, formed in the early Jurassic about 185 million years ago. Moulds have been taken of the fossils, and exact replicas then created in solid sterling silver before being created into earrings.

Lovingly cast in Sterling Silver, the Ammonites have a bright and shiny finish and are approx 14mm x 11mm, with an overall drop of 30mm.

Other coordinating fossil inspired designs are available.

Please note that earrings are non-returnable.

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