Clash Vooar – Rumours of Unease CD


Rumours of Unease CD

by Clash Vooar

9 tracks, run time: 43.60 mins

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Clash Vooar – Rumours of Unease CD

Rumours of unease is the debut album of Peel-based band, Clash Vooar ( ‘Big Groove’ in Manx Gaelic). The nine tracks are an idiosyncratic mixture, but all share a sense of place.

They tell stories rooted in Manx folklore but reaching out to global and modern themes, flavoured with gaelic singing, jazz inflections, prog rock keyboards and evocative electronic samples, all jammed over the eponymous big grooves.

Track listing:

  1. Magh ass e kishtey / Out of her box
  2. Lhig eh bullad / Shots fired
  3. Lhiggeyder Folley / The Blood Letter
  4. Dub ny h-Ollagh / The Cattle Pool
  5. Arrane ny Sheeaghyn Troailtagh / Song of the Travelling Fairies
  6. Isabel Foalsey / False Esabel
  7. Roie Ben Juan Tammy / Run, Juan Tammy’s woman!
  8. Long Grass
  9. Ta Cashen Ersooyl / Cashen is away
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