Blass – Flavour: New Manx Music CD


Flavour: New Manx Music CD

by Blass

10 Tracks, run time 43 mins 22

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Blass – Flavour: New Manx Music CD

Blass (taste or flavour in Manx Gaelic) gives you a taste of 10 tracks from five previously unrecorded artists from the contemporary Manx trad scene. Favourites of the bands scene, guitar and mandolin duo Strengyn have finally laid down some of their fast and furious tracks, and they are joined by award-winning Nish As Rish, whistle and guitar duo Beccy Hurst and Beki Collings, Amber Fiddle Award finalist Laura and Dave Rowles and The Reeling Stones. Ten dazzling tracks represent exciting new ideas which showcase the variety of the developing tradition. If you want somewhere to start with Manx music, this is it! A great mix of toe-tapping tunes and shimmering singing.

Track Listing:

  1. Flitter Rock Ballad
  2. Arrane y Chlean
  3. Pink Lane/Happy Valley
  4. Fathaby
  5. Sheena’s Waltz/Bump
  6. Plastic Octopus/Cow in a Bap/ The Accident
  7. O Kirre t’ou gol
  8. iPhone March
  9. Pronoun Set
  10. Oie Vie
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