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The late Mr John Donald Collister lived in Colby and died at the age of 93 in 2007. By trade he was a painter and decorator.  In his war service during WW2 he served in the Manx Regiment and he also actively supported the Laa Columb Killey.  As the benefactors of Mr Collister’s estate, Manx National Heritage have formally consulted widely as to the manner in which this bequest should be utilised in order to attempt as far as possible to respect Mr Collister’s wishes.

Following the public consultation we launched the Donald Collister Heritage Strategy. Over recent years MNH have gifted over £140,000 to local community projects such as to Arbory School for their horticulture development and education programme and also to Arbory Church for the Maritime heritage commemorative Capt. Quilliam window along with other national projects such as the restoration of Donald Collister’s Van.

The strategy should deliver improved collections care and management for independent museums on the Island for example, promotion and support of training for volunteers and those managing volunteer programmes and activities along with traditional craft skills training and promotion.

In order to conclude the scheme a further round of grants will be undertaken; all applications for consideration are to be received by 31st March 2019.

What is the purpose of this heritage grants programme?

We recognise the Island plays host to a wide range and number of individuals, charities and organisations that provide preservation or promotion of heritage e.g. our church communities, local heritage trusts, independent museums or volunteer groups, etc. This grant programme aims to support these groups by helping to sustain their existence, collections and continuous improvements of skills and knowledge related to our heritage, preservation and promotion.  N.B. We use the term “heritage” broadly and it includes natural heritage.

Key purpose objectives of the grant programme include for example:

  • Presentation and care of heritage assets
  • Recording of collections at risk
  • Improving access and enjoyment of heritage across the local and national community
  • Celebration and promotion of community heritage
  • Increasing the sustainability of heritage organisations activities
  • Commemorating the military history of the Isle of Man

Who can apply?

 Our grants are for individuals or organisations involved in heritage related activities.

 Individual applicants might be:

  • Local volunteer groups responsible for the care, preservation and conservation of collections
  • Manx heritage trusts, charities or independent museums
  • Heritage volunteers and researchers
  • Members of congregations or committees of historic churches

If you are applying as an organisation or a group you must have a bank account with two people who can sign in the organisation’s or group name.

We can only make grants to individuals and organisations based on the Isle of Man and you will need a bank account on the Isle of Man.

What you can apply for?

Each individual grant is capped up to £5,000. Please provide details of any additional funding sources for your activity.

Monies must be spent within one year of being granted approval, unless otherwise agreed.

If you need to raise funds from other sources you must be able to show that all matched funding can be raised to allow the project to be completed within 12 months from the date of acceptance of a grant.

You must be able to demonstrate within the prescribed application form, how you can meet the key purpose and objectives of the grant programme.

This final round of grants (Round 2) is now open for applications, closing on 31 March 2019.

Download our Donald Collister Grant Guidance Note

Download a Grant Application Form

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