Battles at Home: Voluntary Rationing

Government Circular No. 366.


His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor desires it to be known that the following scale of voluntary food rations has been laid down in substitution for that now in force.


lb. oz
Men on heavy industrial work or agricultural work… 8 0
Men on ordinary industrial or other manual work… 7 0
Men unoccupied or on sedentary work… 4 8
Women on heavy industrial work or on agricultural work… 5 0
Women on ordinary industrial work or in domestic service… 4 0
Women unoccupied or on sedentary work… 3 8
Flour may be substituted at the rate of 3/4lb. for every pound of bread.
Oatmeal may be substituted for bread at the rate of 1-lb of oatmeal for 1 1/2-lbs. of bread


Other Foods (for all adults).

lb. oz.
Cereals other than bread… 0 12
Meat (with bone) 2 0
Butter, margarine, lard,oils, and fats… 0 10
Sugar… 0 8


 Children to receive “reasonable”rations: no definite scale laid down

The form below should be filled in by the head of each household to show the weekly allowance of each class of food the household is entitled to; it should then be exhibited in a prominent place, and the totals of each class of food should on no account be exceeded in any week.

(By Order) B.E. SARGEAUNT, Government Secretary. Government Office, Isle of Man, 15th November 1917

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