Quarantine Facilities: Source A

From the Manks Advertiser, 28th August 1832

“The erection of a Cholera Hospital in this town is a measure fraught with much serous importance. From the extreme poverty of the patients it is impossible that they should be in the least able to procure for themselves any aids to meet the awful scourge which overhang them. Having neither room, nor any other convenience for the reception of efficacious medical treatment, much less money to procure the requisite medicines, it is left to the public to come forward as one man to protect and defend those poor objects, who, unless timely and effectual remedies be administered, will necessarily spread, and be a perpetual pest in the town. If the disorder be indeed contagious, and the latest accounts confirm the fact, all friends to humanity should unite to banish the dreadful guest by every medium in their power.

While the miasma remains confined in small, unclean dwellings, and occupies the narrow close lanes which are almost destitute of the refreshing breeze which wafts health to the rural cottage, the town must expect a continuance of the baneful disease.”

Questions to consider: 

  1. Why does the writer believe that it is important to set up a cholera hospital?
  2. How does the writer believe that the disease spreads?
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