The Original Noble’s Hospital: Source A

Manx Sun 30th January 1882

“The princely offer made by Mr and Mrs H. B. Noble of a new Hospital for the Isle of Man has been the talk of the town ever since Wednesday morning last, when it was communicated to the hospital Committee by his Excellency the Lieut.-governor, and, we need hardly say, very thankfully accepted by them.

The site, which is the garden of Clifton House, is the property of Mrs Noble and is presented by her. It is an eminently suitable site, one that the Committee endeavoured to secure some months ago, but the price put upon it at the time – more than £4,000, we believe – was considered prohibitory. for the building of a Hospital on this site now freely given by Mrs Noble, Mr Noble promises the sum of £5,000 on the understanding that the cost shall not exceed that sum.”

Questions to consider:

  1. What was contributed towards the building of a new hospital each by Mr and Mrs Noble?
  2. How do you think the Manx people reacted to this news?
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