The Original Noble’s Hospital: Sources D and E

Source D: A description of the new hospital, published in 'The Building News', 2nd July 1886 and Source E: The picture that was reproduced to

Source D


Source E

“… The main block has a frontage towards Windsor-road, the building being well set back so as to allow ample space for carriage-drive with sloping bank towards road, thereby adding height to the building and grace to the design. The plan is W-shaped, and consists of male and female pavilions, situated in the right and left wings respectively, which are connected by the administrative block. Accommodation is provided for 14 male and 14 female patients in the general wards, which are situated on the principal floor, and may be directly approached either by the main entrance or special patients’ entrance at rear of building. Private wards for two male and two female patients are provided on the first floor. male and female lock wards are situated at the rear of the left pavilion on the ground floor with separate entrances and conveniences, and afford accommodation for two males and two females. The outdoor department consists of a dispensary, with consulting and waiting rooms attached; these are situated towards the front portion of left pavilion on the ground floor, which may be approached by special entrance near front gateway. A separate staircase has also been provided from the administrative block for the doctors’ use. On this floor, also, kitchens, washhouse, heating chamber, and store rooms are provided. The administrative block includes doctors’, matrons’ and nurses’ apartments, and committee rooms, also an operating theatre, with recovery room ajoining, and having a good north light. Shorland’s “Manchester” grates, assisted by Boyle’s ventilators, will be used throughout the wards for heating and ventilating, the corridors being heated by means of hot water coils. The building s are being faced with red pressed brick and terra-cotta dressings from the works of Mr J. C. Edwards, of Ruabon, half timbered work being used in the construction of the gables.”

Questions to consider:

  1. According to this article, the hospital was originally built to accommodate 32 patients. Do you think this was enough? Why or why not?
  2. What sort of visual impact do you think the building was designed to have?
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