Strand Street Dispensary: Source D

Summary of the work of the Strand Street Dispensary submitted before its closure, Manx Sun, 18 April 1849

“Number admitted from 7th April 1840 to April 7th 1849… 6,640
Of this number there have been Discharged as Cured… 5,920
As Relieved… 178
As Incurable… 21
For Non-Attendance… 34
At their own request… 9
Send to the House of Industry… 28
Died… 246
Number at present under Treatment… 204
Total 6,640

Questions to consider:

  1. Look at the way the report puts patients into categories. What does this tell you:
    1. About medical treatment at the time?
    2. About the lives of the poor?
  2. In 1851 the population of Douglas was nearly 10,000 people (according to AW Moore). What do you think of these numbers as medical treatment for the Douglas poor over a period of eight years?
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