Strand Street Dispensary: Source C

From Mona's Herald 3rd November 1841


– The new Medical Dispensary in Sand-Street, is now we understand completely finished and open for the reception of patients daily, from 9 till 11 o’clock. At the quarterly meeting which was held a few days ago, the situation [job] of matron and female attendant was filled up by the appointment by widow Kelly, who had been strongly recommended by many subscribers [people who gave money to the charity]. There were four applicants for the situation. It was was shown by the quarterly report, furnished by Dr. Spencer, the Dispensary Surgeon, that the usefulness of this excellent Institution was increasing…” 

Questions to consider:

  1. The ‘subscribers’ were people who donated money to the Medical Dispensary charity. How do you think they affected the way it was run?
  2. What do you think of the hours of the Dispensary? Why do you think this was the case?
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