St George’s Churchyard and the Mass Cholera Grave: Source F

A letter to the Mona's Herald on 14 September 1833 raises concerns about the swift burials during the epidemic


SIR, – Although I do not object to every precuation being taken against the disorder at present prevalent in this town, I certainly wish to suggest that some means should be taken to ascertain that life had departed from bodies before they were interred. Within the last few days burial has so rapidly followed death, (or apparent death) that it is rather doubtful that life had absolutely departed! I do not mean to impute any want of attention to the medical attendants, but as sush a prejudice as the above is rapidly spreading, I think it becomes them to convince the public by some means, that their friends are not buried alive.

Yours, &c.


Questions to consider:

  1. What is the writer of Source F concerned about?
  2. Why are they concerned?
  3. What does this tell you about cholera in 1833?
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