St George’s Churchyard and Mass Cholera Grave: Source A

From the Manx Sun, 11th September 1832


In compliance with a request from the Board of Health to the Managing Committee of the Soup Dispensary, the institution will be re-opened on Monday next, the 17th instant. Collectors will be immediately appointed to call on the inhabitants of the Town and its Vicinity, for Subscriptions; and it is earnestly hoped that, under existing circumstances, they will liberally contribute in aid of the Funds, which are at present so trifling.

Donations of Meat, shelled Barley, Oatmeal, Groats, and Coals, will be thankfully received at the Dispensary – but no Vegetables, of any kind, can at present be accepted, as the Medical Gentlemen have prohibited their being used in the Soup during the appearance of Cholera.

Questions to consider:

  1. This was published soon after the beginning of the first cholera epidemic to hit the island. What does it tell you about provision for the poor?
  2. What does this tell you about beliefs about the ways that cholera was spread?


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