‘Old’ Nobles Hospital: Source B

The First Annual Report of the Hospital on Westmoreland Road, 1912




To the Governors of the Hospital.


The Committee have the honour of submitting to the Subscribers the 62nd Annual Report.

The number of in-patients treated during the year was 450, with a daily average of 33.7 beds occupied, as compared with 425 in-patients and a daily average of 34.4 beds occupied last year.

The number of ordinary out-patients was 3,411; visits paid by the House Surgeon, 1,192; casualty cases, 531. The corresponding figures for last year were: 3,237; 1,272; and 580.

As will appear from the Accounts, the Expenditure for the year was £2,474 17s 7d; and the Income £2,915 17s 2d; leaving a credit balance of £440 19s 7d. It will thus be seen, for the second year in succession, that the Income has more than met the Expenditure.

It will be observed, with regard to this year, that a considerable saving has been effected in repair to building and renewals to furniture, etc., owing to the removal to the New Hospital…

The New Hospital was opened  by His Excellency and Lady Raglan on September 11th, in presence of a large and representative gathering. The Committee are gratified in being able to report their complete satisfaction with the building. The Committee are hopeful that if the additional contributions necessitated by the larger premises, increased staff and maintenance, etc. are forthcoming, they will be able, in accordance with the conditions made with the Noble Trustees, to open the remaining ward, and so secure the full benefits of the new Institution to as many persons as possible.

Questions to consider:

  1. How far did the new site change the numbers of patients? Does this surprise you?
  2. What do you think the benefits of the new site were?
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