Nellie Brennan’s House: Source E

From a report on a celebration of 150 years of Manx Methodism, from the Isle of Man Times, 14 November 1936


A Noble Story of the Cholera Scourge.

Speaking to the children, Mr Lawson told of a heroic woman who gave her heart to God in this church. Nelly Brennan, described as the “pious mangle-woman,” was attracted by the sweetness of Mrs Holden, wife of the Rev. George Holden, a minister stationed in Douglas, and attended Mrs Holden’s class-meeting. She lived a noble life, and when the dreadful cholera broke out, she ministered to the people in their homes. Asked why she did it, she replied, “What money could not make me do, the love of Christ constrains me to do.” By her will she left a house in Wesley Terrace, Douglas, to this church, and the rent was being used to help needy people. Miss H. Cowin, who had directed his attention to Nelly Brennan, felt strongly that this “Florence Nightingale of the Isle of Man” should not be allowed to go without any memorial.

Questions to consider:

  1. This celebration was held over 100 years after the initial cholera outbreak on the Isle of Man. What does this tell you about Nellie’s impact on the island?
  2. How is Nellie remembered in the extract?
  3. Who is continuing to highlight Nellie’s achievements in this extract?
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