Nellie Brennan’s House: Source C

From Mona's Herald, 3rd January 1866

From the obituary of Rev Dr William Carpenter, the clergyman instrumental in opening the House of Industry and other charitable organisations on the island, including the Douglas Medical Dispensary.

“…he had a willing helper in the person of good Nelly Brannan. It was said that the Doctor and Nelly went to many wretched houses, where no other soul could be prevailed upon to enter. And here we may relate a very characteristic incident of the Doctor. One day he came rushing into the shop of Mr Nowlin, the draper, in a state of excitement; he wanted a pair of blankets, some were shown him; he quickly selected a pair, and seizing them was putting them under his arm ready to walk off with them. Mr Nowlin begged him to be allowed to send them to the Doctor’s residence. But no: the Doctor wanted them for a cholera patient , and he would take them instantly himself. Mr Nowlin immediately replied that if the Doctor dare carry the blankets to a cholera patient he would present them to him. Off went the Doctor, with the blankets under his arm, right through the streets to the house of the patient. Arrived there, the Doctor and Nelly set to work to get the bed of the patient changed, and the new blankets into use. He then got a jug off the shelf, and out of the house he went, jug in hand: soon he was seen returning with the jug filled with milk in one hand, and a loaf of bread in the other! On his return a meal was prepared for the sick, and served with his own hands.”

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