Jane Crookall Maternity Home: Sources E to J

Source E: From the Isle of Man Examiner, 5 November 1935

Source F: From the Isle of Man Examiner, 30 December 1938. Notice the famous Jane Crookall stork

Source G: From the Isle of Man Examiner, 24 December 1937

Source H: From the Isle of Man Examiner, 22 December 1939

Source I: From the Isle of Man Times, 1 July 1939


Mrs A. M. Crookall told me, at the opening of the Jane Crookall Maternity Home on Wednesday, the story of a black cat, which I am sure you will all hop will be a lucky omen for the Home. When Mrs Crookall cut the first sod of the Home many months ago, a black cat watched the proceedings gravely, and with some dignity. The next day the cat was still there, and decided that the ground on which the institution was to be built would make a suitable temporary home. She “stuck” it through the winter months, finding shelter where she could. When the roof went on, of course, she had most comfortable quarters, spending her spare time mousing. As opening day drew near, Mrs Crookall decided to take her to “Woodlands,” and, then, lo and behold, on the same day that the home opened, the black cat gave birth to a family of five lovely kittens.”

Source N: From the Isle of Man Examiner, 30 June 1939

“POLICE TO THE RESCUE. – His Honour the Deemster Farrant, when driving away from the opening ceremony at the new Maternity Home on Wednesday, backed into some prams which were parked in the grounds. Luckily there was no occupant in the first pram, which was knocked over and damaged. Police officers are here seen supervising adjustments. The baby in the second pram cannot be seen, but it was certainly heard, crying lustily after the impact.”

Questions to consider:

  1. Look at Source E and F. What was special about these babies? Why were they featured in the newspaper?
  2. Source G is from the ‘old’ maternity home on Desmesne Street, Source H is from the new custom-built unit on Kensington Road. Can you see any differences?
  3. As newspaper began to use more photographs in their reports, several pictures like this were published from the Jane. Why do you think this was?
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