Jane Crookall Maternity Home: Source K

Source K: From the Isle of Man Examiner, 27 May 1938, in an article entitled 'Maternity Home's Good Record'.


Tribute by the Lady Rose


IT is hoped that the new Jane Crookall Maternity Home building on Finch Hill Estate will be ready for occupation this time next year.

This was one of the items contained in the eleventh annual report of the committee of the Home at the annual meeting on Monday afternoon, Lady Rose Leveson Gower presiding.

The report and statement of accounts, presented by Mr. Alexander Robertson, O.B.E., J.P. (chairman), recorded with regret the deaths of Mrs. Holmes, an enthusiastic member of the management committee from the beginning, and of High Bailiff Kelly, for a short period a trustee.

The report of the Honorary Surgeon (Dr Dorthy Pantin), recorded substantial increases in the admissions and births, and in attendances at the clinic. Nearly half the patients were from districts outside Douglas, and included cases from Peel, Port St. Mary and Bride.

There were no maternal deaths.

During the eleven years the Home has existed, the maternity death rate has only been three out of 1,600 patients. These three cases were emergency cases, and non had attended the pre-natal clinic, the importance of which the committee urged.

Questions to consider:

  1. What can you learn about the work of the Jane Crookall since it opened in 1927?
  2. How many maternal deaths were recorded at the Jane between 1927 to 1938? How does this compare to the figures given in Source A?
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