Fort Street Hospital: Source F

Source E: By 1880, changes to Douglas had made the Fort St site unsuitable, according to Mr Laughton at a meeting of the hospital subscribers (Manx Sun 5th June 1880)

“…Just consider what it is now. I do not think a more unsuitable place could be found in the town of Douglas. There is a constant working of machinery at the back, and to put a poor miserable wretched creature there suffering from ill-health is as much as to say, you do not want him to get better all.

Mr Quine: There is an American bowling alley opened there.

Mr Laughton: Did any gentleman present ever go into an American bowling alley? You will know that the noise is something like thunder. In addition to that we are to have a theatre that is to be built there, and we shall have a band practising in the day time for the evenings, and we all know what band practices are.”

Questions to consider:

  1. Why do you think that Fort Street was originally considered a suitable site for a hospital in 1850?
  2. What has changed to make it a less desirable location?
  3. What do this tell you about changes to Douglas at the time?
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